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Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines Men's Bradley Stripe Sankaty Polo

Ocean Breeze/Flamingo
Ocean Breeze/Tide Blue
Ocean Breeze
White Cap / Resort Red Tejeda
Yacht Blue Tejeda
Bradley Stripe Fjord / Crystal Blue
Tide Blue
Bora Blue
Andros Blue
Ocean Breeze / Neon Rosa
Jake Blue/Mint Sprig
Hibiscus Tejeda
White / Red / Blue
Stripe White / Ocean Breeze
Stripe White/Tejeda
Turf Green


This polo was named for one of Shep & Ian’s favorite places on earth—the Sankaty Head Golf Club and Sankaty Lighthouse on the eastern end of Nantucket. With dramatic, sweeping views of the Atlantic and staggering cliffs, it’s a truly special place. Their mission when creating this polo was to honor a place so special with one of the best products they’ve ever made. It’s hands down one of the softest performance polos on the market with some great features and benefits. Pair it with a pair of Performance Breaker Shorts and head out for a paddle board ride, or tuck it in with pants and you’re ready for dinner at the Yacht Club.

· 92% polyester, 8% spandex
· Classic, relaxed fit
· UPF 50 protection
· Moisture-wicking and quick-dry
· Wrinkle resistant for easy care and effortless transition from in your bag to on your body
· Built-in interior collar stays keep the polo looking sharp, not sloppy
· Hands-down the softest, most comfortable performance polo out there
· Imported
· Machine wash