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Jack Victor

Jack Victor Century Suit


JVC 37028^42^RG

This new collection is defined, as always, by flawless workmanship and the finest fabrics. Exceptional superfine yarns and designs from the best mills of Biella, Italy continue to be represented. The finest materials and tasteful designs propose a contemporary take on tailored suiting. Sleek, comfortable, yet sophisticated, this collection embodies the luxurious feeling of fine clothing.

Century (Modern Fit)
Vitale Barberis Canonico
Super 150's
Two Button
100% Wool
Side Vents
Pic Stitch
Sleeves Prepared For Surgeon Cuffs

Modern Fit Suit
The modern fit is the most popular model. It is tailored to fit closer to the body, but not too tight as to be restrictive. The lapel is slimmer than the classic model. The suit is a 7" drop which means the pant will be 7" less than the jacket measurement.