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The Cape Cod Towel Company

The Cape Cod Towel Company Lighthouse of Cape Cod Beach Towel

Towel 70" x 33


Illuminate your beach day with the “Lighthouses of Cape Cod & the Islands” beach towel, featuring the iconic lighthouses of Cape Cod and the Islands. This towel showcases a picturesque array of these historic beacons, celebrated for guiding mariners through the Cape’s shifting sands and foggy shores. Each lighthouse is a testament to the region’s rich maritime history, captured beautifully on the sand-free, super absorbent fabric.

Ideal for anyone who loves coastal charm or nautical flair, the “Lighthouses of Cape Cod & the Islands” towel is perfect for lounging on the beach, wrapping up after a swim, or even draping over a deck chair to enjoy the sunset. Its lightweight design makes it easy to pack and carry on all your coastal adventures, while its quick-drying feature ensures it’s ready to go whenever you are. Wrap yourself in the heritage of Cape Cod with a towel that’s as educational as it is eye-catching. Turn your beach day into an exploration of the quaint and captivating lighthouses that have watched over the Atlantic’s rugged coastline for centuries.

Double sided print 
Drying loop for easy hanging
Super compact
Naturally mildew resistant – Say goodbye to drying off with a stinky towel!
Super absorbent
Sand-resistant design
Quick-drying, making it more environmentally friendly.

20% polyamide, 80% recycled polyester
Machine wash cold. Do not bleach.
Tumble dry or hang dry to save energy.