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Centennial Celebration Unfiltered Golden Ale

Introducing Three Generations, our very own limited edition, custom collaboration with Cape Cod Beer. Why did we make our own beer? For our 100th Anniversary, we wanted to develop something we could share together. For three generations we've believed in relationships. I guess you'd call it a family tradition, passed down from our grandfather in 1919, to our father and uncle, and now to us. So we turned to another local family company to craft something to enjoy together. Cape Cod's very first brewery - Cape Cod Beer. 

Three Generations is a light and refreshing golden ale, made with Centennial hops for a sweet citrus flavor, and brewed unfiltered by our own Puritan employees. 

With it, we toast to you. Our customers, employees, and community who got us here. Now we raise our glass to you, with you.

Thank you for 100 years!

Rick and Jim Penn, Third generation owners of Puritan Cape Cod

The making of:

Crafted, brewed and bottled by Puritan employees together with Cape Cod Beer.

With the help of the experts at Cape Cod Beer, we also assembled a Brewing Committee of Puritan employees to be involved in every step of the process. For months we worked with Cape Cod Beer to select the perfect flavor profile that was refreshing, full of flavor, with a wide appeal to please all palettes. We spent a full day brewing, designed our own label, and even got to label and fill our own bottles!

The drinking of:

At Puritan we're about making your shopping experience both fun and memorable! Throughout the year we host several in-store events, and that's where you can find Three Generations. We'll be serving tastings of our beer (to guests 21+) at in-store events throughout our Centennial year.

Thank you to Cape Cod Beer for welcoming us into your brewery and taking us on this exciting experience!