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Made to Measure

There is no other garment that makes a man look as distinguished as custom clothing. Completely built to your unique measurements, a custom wardrobe gives you an impeccable fit for a sleek, professional, luxurious appearance.

How it works.

It starts with a meeting between you and our custom clothing professionals. Dozens of careful and exact measurements are taken for suits, shirts, sport coats, and pants to ensure that your garment is tailored to your body and personal taste.

Make your selections.

Select from more than 100 swatches of the finest quality fabrics, patterns and colors from today’s most current trends and technologies. You’ll also select your finishing touches like thread color, lining, buttons, trim, lapels, collar, and cuffs.

Tailored to you.

Once your custom garment arrives, our expert tailor will make a final fitting to ensure each piece is perfectly constructed to your body, taste, and comfort.

Can’t make it to the store? One of our custom clothing professionals will be happy to visit your home or place of work.

Made-to-measure garments are a wonderful option for special occasions! Don't miss our Weddings page for more information for grooms and family!


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