Pig & Hen On-Tour

Rutger Quist from Pig & Hen is flying in from the Netherlands to hand-make their famous bracelets in-store! These hearty rope bracelets have quickly become one of the biggest trends in mens accessories (but don’t worry, women can wear them too!). ¬†

The lovable name Pig & Hen comes from the tattoos old dutch sailors used wear on their feet, believed to protect them if they capsized. Who’s to say we Cape Cod boaters couldn’t use that same kind of luck! (P.S. They make a great Father’s Day gift for Dad!)

Due to time and labor, Rutger can only make roughly 20 bracelets throughout the day. To guarantee your custom bracelet, please make an appointment by filling out the form below.

Also happening in the store that day… Our big Centennial Party!

Event information

Saturday, June 8

11am – 4pm

Puritan Cape Cod
408 Main Street, Hyannis, MA