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The Cape Cod Towel Company

The Cape Cod Towel Company Tides & Tales Oysters Beach Blanket

Blanket 70" x 63"


Discover the magic of the seaside with the “Tides & Tales” towel, a dual-sided design that brings the ocean’s stories to life. One side captures the essence of a Cape Cod oyster, celebrated for its delicate flavor. Flip the towel to unveil a captivating scene from beneath the ocean’s surface: the mystical world of a mermaid. This side of the towel is adorned with intricate illustrations that weave together tales of underwater enchantment and ancient maritime lore.

The “Tides & Tales” towel is not only a beacon of coastal mythology but also crafted for superior performance. Featuring sand-resistant and fast-drying properties, it ensures that your beach day remains free of gritty annoyances and that you’re quickly dry and ready to explore.

Double sided print
Drying loop for easy hanging
Super compact
Naturally mildew resistant – Say goodbye to drying off with a stinky towel!
Super absorbent
Sand-resistant design
Quick-drying, making it more environmentally friendly.
20% polyamide, 80% recycled polyester
Machine wash cold. Do not bleach.
Tumble dry or hang dry to save energy.