Day-to-day, we all know Patagonia as a really cool company that makes awesome outerwear gear. Their better sweaters, down jackets, and fleece pullovers have all become have-to-have items, for both their quality and on-trend style. The brand they’ve built has such an organic history, and an even more important mission.

Patagonia’s Mission Statement
“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

It started with a climb.

Patagonia was first created as a small company that made tools for climbers. It’s a sport loved for its quiet and awe-inspiring environment, internal drive, and personal victory during which they connect with nature. And the clothes Patagonia creates are meant to mimic this philosophy. Strength, utility, and gratitude for the environment.

Today the Patagonia brand is for more than just for climbers. Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly-fishing, paddling, and trail running are all part of their product mix, as well as wearable styles for daily urban and suburban adventures.

Environmental Responsibility.

By its nature, the brand has a love of wild and beautiful places. And with that comes a strong sense of responsibility. A core part of Patagonia’s mission is to help reverse the decline in the earth’s environmental health. The brand is actively devoted to donating time, services, and at least 1% of their sales to hundreds of environmental groups. They’re also incredibly conscious of their business activity, from ethical sourcing of materials (they use recycled polyester and organic cotton), to reducing their waste at every opportunity.

Patagonia gives back generously through environmental grants and support. They’ve designed their website as a place for activism, and transparency of their environmental impact. And not to mention social responsibility, with a devotion to fair, legal, and humane working conditions throughout their supply chain.

All of these reasons make up why we at Puritan are proud to carry Patagonia. We believe in doing business with companies that share our values. And Patagonia goes above and beyond our own beliefs of “service to the customer, service to the community”. Puritan’s close relationship with Patagonia even ties to our local Cape Cod community, through our annual event in Chatham each August to benefit the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

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